For a giggle

I might change the name to Agent 2.0 and see if CW surfaces :smiley:


he couldn’t really complain could he, considering Agent 1.0 is still vapourware.

@ Justin - Probably a good idea to call it something else. After all, a radius is usually represented by a circle, no? :wink:

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@ devhammer - Meh…v1 was a polygon as well…might have looked circular…

Its going to manufacture this morning so…i shall call it…

@ Justin - The very large problem with that idea is people will think your CW, but of course it also means you would get a free pass to Microsoft.

@ Justin Nice. Is that similar specs to the original? I’m guessing the board is sized to match a display that mounts on the back of the PCB. Much easier to build a good case for that than the 2 board hexagonal Radius 1.0.

While not round it does form a circle when wrapped around a wrist.

How about the SharpWatch??

@ hagster - Yes very similar, different Accel and no touch and yes screen will be mounted on the backside sans mezzanine connector.

Since you have supplied a name again i will send you a sample on me :slight_smile:

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