FM radio documentation

Now that I’m up and running and over my hurdles…I wanted to use the FM Radio module. However there is no documentation in the catalog on how to use it.

Reviewing its library, it doesn’t look like you can turn it on or off…it just ‘is’. Also I’m not sure what the volume ranges are. Is it 0 to 100?

This fits into my first motion sensing project (which is nearly done) - I figured I would turn on the radio and crank it up to 100 if motion is sensed. And then after a few seconds, turn it off. But I see no way of doing that?

volume of zero is off.

fm receiver will drive earphones, but not speakers.

I’ve created work entries in our issue tracking system for both documentation and driver module changes – no promises on driver changes, the SDK we’re currently working on has been “frozen” for testing, i.e. no changes. Thanks for bringing this up. And thanks to andre.m for supplying an answer.

If you decide to change the driver yourself, a good document to read is: (if you do enhance it, and feel like sharing, please post on codeshare )