Flying Monkey contest!

This is our devhammer (Andrew). Look at the way he stands, defiantly a pro!

… and here is one with the monkey in the air. Am I good at taking pictures or what!

lol - i see boys will be boys… :slight_smile:

It seems that devhammer takes any task you give him very seriously;)


tbh, I am disappointed there was no overly elaborate Rube Goldberg FEZ device that launched them.

This should give a better “user experience”

EDIT: Animated gif seems to be static here :frowning: Click here instead:

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Is the monkey still alive? :open_mouth:

I think I saw a tweet from Andrew last night. So, yea, I assume he is :slight_smile:

LOL… Why Andrew ???
i thought he was the one projecting the Monkey… so who could that be ??? :slight_smile:

LOL! Great job with the gif! :slight_smile:

Love the gif! :slight_smile:

Love it lol

I love it too :stuck_out_tongue: