FLIR anyone?

I’ve always wanted to play with FLIR but the cameras and sensors have been expensive until that is I got this email from Digikey on the FLIR Lepton sensor.

It’s not cheap for hobby use but certainly way cheaper than anything I have seen before.

I am seriously tempted to get one to “play” with :slight_smile:

Yes Please !

Can someone please turn this into a Gadgeteer module ?

a $200 Gadgeteer module. Not sure the sales quantities will be that high, but the turnover numbers would be impressive. I suspect the number of home / side project makers that have sold $200 worth of a single Gadgeteer module aren’t that high… sell two FLIR modules, and you would be blitzing to the front of the field !

@ Brett - too bad that’s the attitude of most people capable of creating modules.

Many of the other Micro platforms have some kind of FLIR module. Make it cross compatible with Windows IoT and your market just grew substantially.

Unless you could get the modules for sub $100 then turnover is going to be quite small unless you sold a lot of them.

This is one of the reasons my 5" LCD didn’t work out. The cost to purchase the parts and try to sell at a reasonable price meant I would make very little from them. I couldn’t afford to hold big stocks to get prices down low enough. Saying that, I am tempted to re-start the project once I move to my new location as the import costs are virtually zero unlike this current location.


Actually… If you were to create a Gadgeteer module and also put breakout pins on it for use with other platforms and sell it for $250 then you could easily take the top spot for this module on all platforms. This one on SparkFun sells for $350.

Wow. That’s a fairly good profit margin right there.

I’ve been reading up on the module today and a development board with a Gadgeteer socket would be easy to knock up quite quickly. I am wondering if a board with and without the camera module would be idea? For those in the US they can get the modules cheaper.