FlashFileSystem Module Updated includes 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1 drivers

I’ve had a couple of Flash Modules ( https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/389 ) for a very long time and never got around to playing around with them but lately I had a project where I wanted some persistent storage and so this module fit the bill rather nicely. When I found @ taylorza very worthy FlashFileSystem module driver I thought hey this just makes it too easy to use, but their wasn’t a 4.3 driver so I’d thought I fix that and after talking with @ taylorza we decided to check the code etc into ‘Gadgeteer Community’ site on CodePlex https://wegadgeteer.codeplex.com such that both the source code and an installer https://wegadgeteer.codeplex.com/releases/view/611095 are available. Thanks again to @ taylorza for this very helpful and cool module driver.


Just so people get an idea of just how easy this is to use this is the code from the TestApp (I always try to have a TestApp that shows how to use a module)

            if (!flashFileSystem.CheckIfFormatted())


            var newfile = "file";
            var count = 0;

            while (flashFileSystem.Exists(newfile + count + ".txt"))

            newfile = newfile + count + ".txt";

            var openfile = flashFileSystem.Create(newfile);

            var stream = new StreamWriter(openfile);

            stream.WriteLine("Hello World");


            flashFileSystem.Copy(newfile, TRASHTHIS);

            var fileNames = flashFileSystem.GetFiles();

            foreach (var fileName in fileNames)
                var size = flashFileSystem.GetFileSize(fileName);
                var creation = flashFileSystem.GetFileCreationTime(fileName);
                Debug.Print(fileName + " " + size + " " + creation);

            openfile = flashFileSystem.Open(newfile, FileMode.Open);
            var reader = new StreamReader(openfile);

            var message = reader.ReadLine();



            if (flashFileSystem.Exists(TRASHTHIS))
                Debug.Print("Delete Failed");
                Debug.Print("Delete success");


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How thread safe is it? Can I write different files simultaneously from different threads?

@ ianlee74 - All file operations are synchronized so you should not have issues writing to the device from multiple threads. Of course if you find any issues I will address them to the best of my abilities.


Oh sure, keep bragging about how smart you are! 8)

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@ Gary - :slight_smile: My challenge is time… Being smart is just a matter of being good at Google.

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