Flash problems with domino

After start debugging I read the output windows and I see the follwoing info:

Total: (17244 RAM - 169984 ROM - 76997 METADATA)

Is this 169984 ROM the size of the flash need for the application ?
(domino has only 148K)

I do not see my application so big to spend so much memory.


Don’t forget the space necessary for .NETMF and the GHI libraries.

Unless you are running out of memory, which almost never happens, don’t worry about.it.

Thanks Mike, but I stil have the dout; it is that amount used by my application and the ghi libraries ? how do I know I much I´m using ?


I have to be honest… I do not know the answer…

I have worked with most of the FEZ boards, and have never had an application memory issue. If I ever have a problem, I will find the answer.

It is really hard to run out of flash memory, where the applications reside.

For now, don’t worry… As you get more familiar with the micro framework, you will be able to read the information displayed during the upload process. The information is there.

BTW: The 148K flash number is the amount of flash that is available for the user. There is a lot more which is used for the .NET stuff.

Ok thanks for the info,

I went to the ‘le’ folder and I found out the ‘FEZ Domino Application.pe’ only takes 20K;
I saw some errors in the output window concerning to the block allocation and I´ll use more often the GC;

thanks for your help