Fix Shipping Costs

I loaded my cart this “Black Friday” with a few small things I could probably fit in a couple of DVD cases - not big or heavy. But WOW was I shocked to see shipping costs. $17 for USPS priority? When did that happen? Try $5 or $6 at best, I’m in the US.

Very bummed I could not take advantage of this epic sale when my shipping was dang near the same as the total of the goods.

Please fix prohibitive shipping costs. Thanks.

P.S. I would buy more things if I didn’t have to feel like I have to wait (sometimes for many, many months) until I have reason for a big order - so as to avoid getting spiked as bad on shipping.

@ dapug - Do you not have a USPS First Class option? It’s about $6 for me.

@ dapug - I have to say that international shipping is about $50, so the cart needs to be big to have it make sense…

@ dapug - That’s all done through an API provided by USPS. But as Ian said you should have a first class option. Is your cart still active with all the items?

I also have to say that it never ever makes sense for me to order directly from GHI, except I can get free shipping for any reason. But since free shipping will always be USPS, I then have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the shipment.

Prices for delivering to my country:
USPS Priority Mail Express - $59.50
USPS Priority Mail - $30.25
USPS First-Class - $16.25

Prices increase when you add more stuff into your basket.

@ iamin This was exactly my experience, the lowest shipping option was $16-$17, which is very high for both first class and priority in the US on a tiny light weight package.

@ Gary It makes perfect sense that shipping would go up as more things are added. BUT, the API is not very smart about combining shipping on things. Any human would know that, while there is a minimum shipping cost, it’s not much more to add a few more of the same, small light weight things.

So, for example, say it costs $3 as a minimum to ship a single Multicolor LED. Fine. But we all know those things are tiny. So add 4 more, shipping shouldn’t feasibly be more than $4-$5 maybe. But what the API appears to do is ignore reality and simply tack on $3 for EACH additional item, racking up shipping costs very fast.

I dunno, just an observation. I am sharing this in hopes that it is helpful feedback. The problem with prototyping is that low shipping cost is critical because you dont always make big orders. Smaller, more frequent orders make sense as you don’t always know what the next project is going to require, or get in the middle of a project and realize you need one more thing! ( or is that just me? :slight_smile: :think: )

@ dapug - Did you leave your items in the cart?

@ dapug - @ iamin is shipping to a different country. Did you not have a first class option?

I know, I can order on European resellers. But they don’t have everything on stock.
Specially newer things are missing. And lower prices gets also quite slow to redistributors.

@ Gary, yes, everything is still in my cart. No, there is no first class option. Yes, my address is the same USA address on file I’ve used for prior orders. And now I’m not interested… the epic sale prices are gone, with everything up nearly 7x what it was. :frowning:

@ dapug - I happen to know a few people at GHI and we might be able to work something out for you. 8)


Gary, I nominate you as a Customer Service Star of the Year! ;D


@ Architect - It’s almost time for my annual review feel free to share that with @ Gus. :whistle:

@ Gus take a look:



@ Architect - lol…not quite what I had mind but thank you.

@ dapug - The weight of your products went over the 13oz limitation of USPS First Class.