FishPi is a tiny, Raspberry Pi-enabled ship that aims to cross the Atlantic

Pretty ambitious, but I sure dont wanna miss it :slight_smile:
This is kind of awesome!

My concern on a vessel that small would be capsizing.

Why would one need a Pi for this? What is lacking in the Arduino/Gadgeteer world?

@ mhectorgato - Indeed you are correct :wink:

One of my ideas for future projects was a little boat that would travel up and down a river near my place. I looked at some RC boats and thought about how to hack 'em up.

I never looked into what components it would take to build my own - watching this project may help with that.

@ mhectorgato - There are a few blogs about ArduPilot powered boats on DIY Drones from memory, you might get a few ideas from there.

In my opinion a Cerb would totally be enough for this, fast enough for checking GPS and controlling a few servos to keep the boat moving.

@ Weiti - indeed, I had a netduino mini at 48mhz flying my plane, so a cerb will certainly steer a boat with ease

Hmm, something like a Pi is not such a bad choice. As long as you have access to it, you can do whatever you want with it. You can even change the program with a ssh terminal while it’s in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean :slight_smile:

Uh, as long as it’s not running an SSH server (though, I doubt you’ll get good 3G in the middle of the ocean), any AVR running at 8mHz would be overkill for this kind of project.

The drive for bigger, faster, more memory is an interesting anthropological observation, since we as humans tend to be so bad at fully utilizing what we already have.

Geir — any updates on your project?

We haven’t seen Geir in a while. But there was a thread here with more info and updates about the project.