Yeah, had to be that guy.

Great news! Can’t wait.

@ devhammer - I thought I blocked you, how did you get through? 8)

Expecting great things!

With my mad skillz, of course. :smiley:

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Qoute of the day…lol

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If you guys show the same passion as you have for the past several years then there is no doubt that great things will happen!

(looks around)

Hang the heck on one second.

This forum is called Windows 10?

Gray just give me a price. What will this new device cost.

@ Mr. John Smith - How does a couple hundred sound?

@ Gary - Not that good actually. How does $100 sound? Does it come with the Windows 10 license?

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Shut up and take my money.

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You could learn a few things from @ skewworks…lol

This thread has over 10000 replies according to the topic page? All threads have over 10000 replies?

I’m also excited to hear about these new hats. Do anyone here know when Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi would become available for download? (Or am I missing the point again as usual and it is already released?)

Just saw this from @ Skewworks :
So it looks like it is indeed available. Ok, let me go and try to find how I can get it too! :slight_smile:

Very happy this is all public, so we can do the work in the open now.

I’m behind on my Gadgeteer OSS work, but now that Build is over (even though we have a few weeks or world travel coming up), we’ll be able to get this in gear so we csabn get the designer experience moved over to complement the great work GHI has done on HW and prototype drivers.

We showed NETMF and Gadgeteer in the maker session as well as in the IoT show on Channel 9, and in my maker video (link coming soon). Windows was the big news at the event, but we did talk about bringing NETMF in line with the UWP APIs, and also ensuring NETMF will be able to target the lowest end ARM processors.



@ Pete Brown - Pete did you just say that NETMF would be able to run on low end ARM processors? As in all of them out of the box, or what sort of hoops will we have to jump through to get it to work?

@ terrence - with directly targeting cortex, it would be not very hard to run on any cortex micro with some work.

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mmm, even the LPC810 (Cortex-M0+) with 4K Flash and 1K RAM? Now that would be impressive. :whistle:

The work is a ways out, but we want to get as low on ARM as possible, with maximum performance and minimum power consumption.