First try, 2 students playing MakeCode Arcade with BPArcade

At our local library meet-up today in Galena, Missouri ; 2 boys try out BrainPad Arcade linked to Meowbit via single cable (jacdac system) to compete with “multiplayer” . We found a multiplayer game by riknoll at forum.makecode which does work with our two consoles. Both consoles are F401 type processor. We have attempted to change sprites in this game but don’t know enough about it to succeed. We can’t get into blocks mode and it seems the sprites are built-in. There are other parts of the code that we can change when we learn how to code in Javascript. These guys are very intrigued with the BrainPad Arcade. They discuss scoring in the video as it did not seem correct at first ; we will continue to test this. Thanks for the great expansible STEM console ! When I get a link to BPA sales I will post that in the video description: MakeCode Arcade, 2 players with BrainPad Arcade and Meowbit :jacdac - YouTube