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First Project


Unfortunately I may have bitten off more than I can chew on this one… and I have a halloween ToT deadline to boot! Any help would be appreciated.

I bought Gadgeteer (FEZ Spider)… bought the eBlock expander… and bought the ZX-Relay16 board. Now I want to hook it all up. Mainly I’m lost on the wiring, and can’t find any docs on the board. I can fiddle with the code… but it won’t do squat if its not wired up right!

Basically, to get me started, the -SDA+ and -SCL+ 3pin wires attach to the eBlock expander in which Pin Numbers? Anything to avoid the magic blue smoke coming out of the board would be appreciated.

thanks again all.


The fez spider schematic is listed on the spider page on catalog.
It will show you where the i2c pins are.
Also, gadgeteer specification includes the socket pinout

Sound like a fun project. Will you post some pictures?

Welcome to the community.


If it works! :wink:

To clarify… the docs on the Spider board are excellent… I was referring in my “… can’t find any docs on the board…” comment on the relay board. I am very excited about the possibilities this tech will bring to my haunts.

thanks again


Pictures? :slight_smile:


Ok, after some futzing… and reading… and scratching my head… I have question that I’m stuck on:

Can I used the eblockExtender to connect to the ZX-Relay16 board or do I need to use the Extender (1.2) module to connect to either the HI or IKU ports of the spider to the SDA and SCL ports on the Relay board? Naturally, I prefer using the eblock extender… but I may have misunderstood its function when purchasing.

I’ve been known to do that in the past :wink:



to connect any of the eblocks, including the relay board, you need the eblock module. The eblock module will plug into one of the “I” sockets and then you can use I2C/relayboard-driver use usual.


Just got it working! Now just a little networking and it’ll be all done. I’ll write-up something up as a newbie and post it here and the group’s fb page. Thanks again for all your help. This thing is amazing, can’t wait til next year…

and I’ll have pictures!