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First project not quite working


Hi everyone,

I just got my kit on the mail. The first project kind of works for me, but not really.
I have to press the button several times before the event is raised, and the camera image is just a blur (mostly white, with some purple).

Has anyone seen this?



Welcome to the forum!

Please, check the following thread about known issues and fixes.


Your descriptions are not enough clearly for us but if you have problems with button, we fixed it,


When I first tried the camera I got an all white picture.

It took me a few minutes to realize that I had the camera pointed upwards, and it was saturating from the overhead lights.

The camera may also need focusing. Turn the lense and see if the image get clearer.


hey thanks a lot guys.
i got it working.

for future reference:

you guys were right, i updated the button assembly and it works like a charm now.

the camera was a bit trickier. i had actually already unsuccessfully tried to adjust the focus. the issue was that i had a breakpoint in the button event handler, and another one in the camera event handler. it seems like the camera was actually capturing the whole time in between both breakpoints, and the image was completely saturated. i removed the breakpoint, which allowed me to see the colors, and then it was a matter of fixing the focus, and voila! works like a charm! :slight_smile:


Same problem, but I got an all black picture… The camera was on the wrong side…




with old version it is necessary push button about 20 times while camera takes a picture.

After I updated Button, Visual C# stopped to recognize Button module and give me error messages
where askes for version.
After I returned old files, project was compiled normally again.

Where is a problem ?




Welcome to the community. Please always start with a new thread instead of replying.

After you update the button DLL, create a new project from scratch and try again.