First PCB try!


Will this plug into the dev board?

I hope !!! I need to test it when receive them !

Nice work. What size are your via’s? They look tiny. Most proto PCB places can’t handle less than 0.3mm (12 mil)

One observation. Not sure how much current you plan to draw, but always beef up the GND and power rails to ensure they can carry the right current. Thin tracks will show a voltage drop.

A ground plane is always good too. This ensure a good return path. Important when you have more than 1 power rail.

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did this pcb is capable for 5v pins tolerance or it connected to board pins as is 3.3v

Thanks for all advices, I will do my 5V, 3.3V and GND with 0.6 mm (there was all in 0.3 mm).
Can you explain what is a ground plane (when I say it’s my first PCB, it is really my first pcb experience !) :wink:

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I’ve found hwo to do ground plane (very easy when you know how to do !) and grown my power track (0.6mm):

What software are you using?

With VIA’s I use larger hole versions for the power tracks and smaller 0.3 to 0.5mm for the signals depending on how dense the board layout it.

I rarely use 2 layer boards these days unless the board is so simple. With the cost to make 4 layer so low, having a whole layer of copper for each of the the power and ground is good for power distribution. You’ll migrate one day to 4 layer :slight_smile:

Good luck with the project.


I’m using EasyEDA.
It’s just a little project to begin and test pcb creation. Maybe I will do a gadgeteer board for SC20260, and I think I would use 4 layer for it, because it’s more difficult with all signals.

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