First Gadgeteer Module - Ethernet POE

Ok, this is the last image of everything working together. POE Module provides power and network. Spider reads GHI’s news feed. Mission accomplished ;D.

You are officially the first non-company to make a gadgeteer module in the world I believe.

Thanks! ;D There are more coming!

Nice work! Now i need to save some money for a PoE-enabled switch :wink: PoWiFi would be even better :smiley:

Nice job! Congrats on being the first. This would have made a great competition. How about it GHI? Best Gadgeteer module contest? You should pitch it to Microsoft to help kickstart the Gadgeteer revolution.

What voltage & current do you get from POE? The more I think about this the more ideas I get…

Is there a “The Gadget Architect, LLC” business opening in a garage near you? :slight_smile:

I like that. :smiley:

Output Voltage: 4.5min - 7.8max
Output Current: 1.4A max

Now where do i order a free sample of that Module :smiley:

very nice work indeed…


Your blog entry for this has been tweeted and retweeted in twitter land…

Cool, that is always appreciated! :dance:

Not by me… I would have, but some folks on the Gadgeteer team beat me to it.

Are these 802.3af , and are you intending to make any of these available to purchase - if so here’s a customer. I even like purple :slight_smile:


Since this is a power source, shouldn’t the module be red? Is it safe to use this and another red module at the same time?

@ Architect

That’s a really cool board. Congratulations!

Who did you have fab it for you?


Looks brilliant - if only there was some way we could buy one!

A quick question: does the module supply 5v. only or both 5v. and 3.3v?

The Gadgeteer Builder’s Guides are vague and ambiguous on how power supply “red modules” are supposed to work.

Does the FEZ Spider mainboard have a regulator for 3.3v internally?

No it doesn’t and it shouldn’t by the gadgeteer specifications.

Do you mean “No the Spider does not have a regulator for 3v3” or “No the POE module does not supply 3v3 in addition to 5v0”?

My fault, I should not ask two complimentary questions in the same posting! :-[

I have just read both “NET Gadgeteer Mainboard Builder’s Guide version 1.7” and “NET Gadgeteer Module Builder’s Guide version 1.7” very carefully and cannot find any specification for the power supply except that Modules that supply power should have red solder resist. Apart from this though it looks like a very well thought out design. As well as the clever PSU arrangement, the DaisyLink protocol is great. At last someone has realised that embedded systems need to be event driven!

And Gus, if I continue persuing these two threads with you at once you are soon going to realise that I have been trying to find an excuse to buy a Spider and you’ve not been helping by reassuring me that my Domino is perfectly adequate! :wink:

The red modules are the power modules that supply 3.3v and 5v. Mainboards shouldn’t have thier own power.

This means you can extend any mainboard to use whatever power source using the right power module, in the case poe

Make sense?

@ ianlee74 Yes it is red module. As mentioned before this is prototype for my own use and the fact that Dorkbot service only offers boards in purple color left me no choice but to have it in purple. Production modules will meet specification 100% and will be in red. You can have only one red module connected to the mainboard.

@ Pete Brown. Thank you! Laen from DorkbotPDX offers a great service. I used him.

@ JohnH I am working on v2 which should bring cost down a lot and will be smaller in size. Stay tuned. I did a lot of research on suppliers and small assembly services, but it is not complete yet. I am waiting on few more offers and after that I will try to make it happen as fast as possible.