First Gadgeteer Module - Ethernet POE

The boards have arrived today. I am very excited to try it out. Waiting on few more components.

Will it be used to power the Spider?

That is the plan ;D

What part are you using for the .05" header? When I looked at the specs I could only find the reference part that was like AU$11 in 1’s, and I couldn’t really find an alternative (but I stopped looking pretty quick :slight_smile: )

Looks great but Power modules must be red not black

I know.Very expensive! I pretty much stopped looking when I saw “Order Sample” button on their site :smiley: .So I ordered samples and got 13 of them for free. I know that GHI uses different ones (they look different), so there should be a cheaper alternative. I will look again, unless GHI would be kind enough and share the part number/source of the connectors they are using.

Guilty as charged :-[
This is for my personal use and since it is a first prototype,so there might be some changes after I test it. Also Laen’s great offer only comes in purple, so that is the main reasons for it not being red. But I totally with you on it being red for end-user final version.

I’m curious why you would need this for Gadgeteer? I guess it would be good for a lab setup where you could just run ethernet to every station and not have to worry about having power supplies. What scenario do you have?

We use POE switches/devices a lot. I would like to have the ability running it of a poe module, so I made one.

I thought about the error in my question after I made that post… I still have it in my head that Gadgeteer is more of a toy & educational device more than a prototyping tool. If I look at it from the perspective of a proto tool that will eventually lead to something more permanent then I answered my own question. :slight_smile:

Populated! Only managed to destroy one led during soldering. Also Mouser send wrong size electrolytic caps. Couldn’t find right smd cap, so had to improvise with through hole version. Should be easy to replace with smd later. Will be testing module tomorrow.

Love the PCB color!

Purple and gold - very nice combo.

Do you have a picture of unpopulated board?

It’s in the first post in the thread.

lol! How did I miss that?!!!

Here is another picture side by side.

I love it when things just work! Well, at least power part of it. ;D

I will do actual networking tests after the work.


Thank you! ;D

I have uploaded a small application that uses GHI Ethernet Module to get rss feed.

It shows how to do async web request. I am using it to test poe module. Gadgeteer is realy easy to use.