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First G120 based IRC modules live


We had our first IRC modules based on the G120 live in December :slight_smile:
There is still allot of software development to do but all the needed functionality to get this project running is finished.
We developed a generic instruction set that’s interpreted at run time on a G120 based custom board.
In the current setup the IRC module is controlling all communication between the battery management system, the slow night charger (20Kw), the inductive charging system from Bombardier (140Kw), the main vehicle controller and the Siemens drive train.
At this stage storage, state machine, interpreter and redundancy, CAN communication, general IO, analog input and outputs and serial communication are implemented.
Next faze is IFU, Ethernet, wifi, Bluetooth and expansion from the instruction set.

In general, we are surprised about the stability of the G120 based board.
If you get it running and everything is tested as it should be done, the netmf proves to be a really stable platform :slight_smile:

We did have “some” EMC problems but then again, if you charge a 35Kw battery in 8 minutes… and have choppers at 350amps and 650Volts…


Pardon my question but what does ‘IRC’ stand for ?

Great to see real world applications of NETMF.


IRC is just the commercial name for “Intelligent Remote Controller”

We are planning to use this in all our proto developments where we need a gateway to glue standard components together but also in a reduced version with just the needed functionality for our production series.


Awesome, wishing you the very best on this project :).


Mind boggling charge cycle!


@ David@ Emrol.
Is this your product?


It’s a simular project, the aricle about Trineuron in here: