First FEZ Cobra samples are going out to Matt and Chris

To show our appreciation we are shipping a free FEZ Cobra sample to the most active member on this forum. It turned out to be Chris…so congratulation Chris :d He has also been very helpful to other users so we thank you very much.

Matt is also the winner of “find the image” contest so he is also getting one. Not to forget that Matt has also been very helpful around the forum.

Chris and Matt, please contact us directly for instructions. These will ship out today :wink:
Also, do not post any public info on FEZ cobra or images or anything just yet. If you have any questions then email us directly. Very soon, we will have FEZ Cobra board on this forum and then we can all talk about it.

If you didn’t win then you should get your project in the contest soon and you will get your own FEZ Cobra too. (link removed)

We also want to thank our other active members like Tony, Brett, Tony2 and others…keep up the good work.

Again, thanks to everyone loving FEZ!

Holy Moley, THANKS!!!

EDIT: Called, and talked to Robert. Thanks again!!!

Congrats guys! Enjoy them!

Oh boy, got the shipping email…! Can’t wait!

Is the FEZ Cobra having an LCD and some sort of user interface like joystick or buttons at least? I believe it was stated in other posts but wanted reassurance this was the case.

I think it was hinted somewhere that it would have an LCD as well as Ethernet and more RAM. Even I have no idea what it is yet. Either way, my lips are sealed until later :wink:

hang that, still looking how to get on the “pre-order” list :slight_smile:

Oh and confirmation that it’ll be shield-compatible with Domino, since in the past two days I’ve just printed a board template for my weather project

Congratulations, guys!

I bet you will have a lot of fun with it! Good job GHI… !! :smiley:

In my opinion,

a FEZ Cobra looks like a FEZ Dominio , but it has an EMX onboard.

Maybe it will be pin-compatible with an Arduino Mega :smiley:

Good guess but not entirely correct. FEZ Domino has an advantage of having same pinout as Arduino so you can use many of the available shields. On the bad side, the board is too small with under 30 IOs. It was very difficult to try to fit everything (SD connector, USB host, regulators…) The board is basically full.

FEZ Cobra is not designed “the arduino way”, it is designed “the GHI way” :wink: … cleaner design, more IO, more features, a lot more features :slight_smile:

Details will come very very soon …stay tuned

Yes please , do it the GHI way!!! :slight_smile:

Regarding my guess:

My crystal ball was covered with dust, so I didn’t see clearly :stuck_out_tongue:

But what I saw was very nice.

So hurry up , pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss

Hahaha you should definately undust your crystal ball! :smiley:
Joking of course… :wink:

Out crystal ball here at GHI foresees a very lucky winner of a very nice FEZ Cobra!

Check it out :wink:

Matt / Chris

Did you get the board ? I am sure that you can not divulge any detail but you can tell us if it is cool.

Does it have a display or display connector ?


Yes I have the board. I have been playing with it since yesterday and I LOVE it. ’

I don’t know how much I can say about the board, so I’ll have to let that question pass. Sorry ;). You will probably know soon, if Chimp doesn’t tell you.

All I can say is that you guys are going to have some neat demos from me when the Cobra does come out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Chris for not answering :slight_smile:

We will have details very soon…hopefully next week if we are done testing.

About display, yes it has a display…actually multiple displays!! And not a “toy” display like you see hobbyists use…we are talking professional display you see in real products!..oh wait, did I say touch screen…I shouldn’t have said that!

Just wait another week or two and we will have full details :slight_smile:

Your killing me :smiley:

me too :smiley:

You are too good at this. Every time GHI comes up with a new product - the pre launch drives all the followers insane - I have seen this pre EM TFT, pre ChipworkX, pre FEZ and now Cobra.

Probably because they do not come out with all sorts of data sheets, technical drawings and such stuff.

They are letting people guess, with just little info provided. This makes people curious and therefor a successful launch :smiley: