First ever G400-D application in here?

I posted a bit of code using the G400-D and G400HDR and a T35 LCD.

Now don’t get all excited…

It is a ‘Do Nothing Application’ that somebody may want to try to get started with
(Like I did)…

Anybody know how to define a display device using the D400 sockets so I can use something like display.SimpleGraphics.DisplayText(“I want to display some text”);

Edit: I had to delete the post. For some reason the Zip file is messed up when using browse?

Looks OK at my end…

EDIT: Seems to be OK with new post…

@ andre.m -

Thanks… That is what I use…

myBitmap.DrawText("Is there text up here?", baseFontSmall, MSPM.Colors.Yellow, 33, 10);
myBitmap.DrawText("G400-D on G400HDR doing nothing useful!", baseFontLarge, MSPM.Colors.Black, 20, 200); 

In fact I was looking at your code:

namespace BaseSystem.Modules
    public class D43 : GTM.Module.DisplayModule

But I do not know how to use because the sockets are Gadgeteer specific.

Modules.D43 display;

display = new Modules.D43(1, 2, 3, null);
// R = 1
// G = 2
// B = 3
// T = not used

Have a great day!