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First ever FEZ Copter!


We have the first ever FEZ Copter, and Gus crashed it… bad…


Video please!!!


Video coming


Send me the link for the order page!


Flight #2 results…


Dude, those pics hurt to look at. Poor heli…what did it ever do to Gus to receive such treatment?


Info please – what mainboard? RLP for the pid? Remote controlled or autonomous?

Very cool!!


Now, show us some pictures of Gus,after you are done with him. ;D ;D ;D


It is about time we have FEZ Copter running .NET Gadgeteer and .NET Micro Framework. We learned 3 important lessons:

  1. The motors we selected are POWERFUL. They can lift your FEZ, a camera, GPS…
  2. Propellers can cut you, image added for reference!
  3. Cheap controllers available on market are a piece of crap! We tested 2 with very disappointing results!


And sure we have recorder this for you! What is better to do on a Friday :slight_smile:


Ouch! :o


Looks like GHI will not be in the UAV business in the near future. :smiley:


Looking good! Except the fact that you obviously haven’t been reading our other copter thread concerning warnings about sharp props and powerful motors… However, I think the title of this thread is jumping the gun a bit. I wouldn’t consider that flight just yet… :wink:

Tell us more… Are you controlling it with NETMF or RLP? What Gyro/IMU are you using? What FEZ?


How did you guys control it? Serial?


Here is a pretty cool frame that i think i have to get and try .


It is cool but it looks like a lot of wasted weight :frowning: I’ve had my eye on this one:

But as busy HK seems to be in the multirotor area lately, I’m going to hold off for a while to see what all they come up with. It seems lately they’ve come out with a new frame every other week.


yes that is a good one to.