Firmware version

Hello all,

I am writing a system verfication application.
The application will be written in c#. One of the tests
that has to be performed is reading the Firmware version
that is uploaded in the FEZ Domino.

Can I read the firmware that is in the Domino with NETMF
I know how to do it with the MFDeploy utility but that doesn’t work for my application

hope one of you can help,

tnx in advance,

Jos van Hertrooij

I thought it is someting like:

Debug.Print("OEM String: " + SystemInfo.OEMString);
Debug.Print("Version: " + SystemInfo.Version.ToString());

Cu, Wim.

I think he is trying to do it from a PC application through USB…

MFDeploy has an api you could use on your own application.

Thank you all for the contributions,

Got the WimC solution working now.