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Firmware upgrade - Cannot connect via teraterm


I have reset my Panda, gone into loader mode, set up the proper drivers on Com1, and connected to the port via TeraTerm. I cannot, however, get a response from the device by pressing any key in TeraTerm. My keystrokes do not even show up on the screen. Please help.


Are you sure of the COM number. Windows usually chooses the COM number not the user.
Did you follow the firmware upgrade video?


Virtual COM ports are usually higher than 4. Windows usually assigns 1 through 4, even though they aren’t connected. Some assign only 1 and 2.

Cheers Ian


Device Manager takes the question out of this - open it with the Fez unplugged, look at what COM ports are showing. Plug it in and hold LDR, then see what port gets added.


Or press reset while holding LDR button down. The treeview in Device Manager should refresh right after you press reset.


I have done all of these things. The port it is adding is COM1. COM 9 and 10 are bluetooth ports, and these are the only three. I can see it getting added when I reset it. What is the correct baud rate needed for communication. It is currently set at 9600.


baud rate doesn’t matter since it is a virtual com port.


I am in chat if you want me to step you through it


Well, a restart fixed this. I only did not try this earlier due to the massive amount of programs that were running at the time.
Thanks all (especially Gus),