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Firmware update on FEZ Domino for MF 4.1


I did not find a firmware update for the Domino for version 4.1. Where can I find the correct firmware version for 4.1?


It is in GHI NETMF 4.1 SDK.

Please take a look at FEZ tutorial document


FEZ Domino:
The only firmware in the SDK is

I programmed in USBizi_CLR.ghi and
device capabilities show
which is correct but the device is not working, can’t even run the hello world debug.

My guess this is the correct version firmware but is not the correct firmware for the Domino board.


This is the firmware file and if you saw the correct version and if you seen the right version in solution version then you are done updating firmware… time to have fun and blink some LEDs.

Did you start new project and tried it? What happens when you hit F5?

Also see this