Firmware update failed FEZ hydra

I tried to update FEZ hydra firm ware as i has some problems of usb connectivity with my windows 7 pc…

Update failed but the firmware on the hydra was erased now…
i was trying to do it manually using the method 2 of this link

when i gave the command UpdateFEZHydra com0005(my comport connected)

Its giving Access is denied and echo is off…

Please give me a solution…

@ sri1729 - can you display a screen shot of your device manager showing the comport and a screen shot of the failed message.

Its showing as Lego MINDSTORMS firmware

I’m just trying to try it on a different computer and now its showing as an unknown device
cant get any comport number even after trying to put a wire between 8 and 10 pins of socket 3 for 5secs …

Do you have anything like the lego mindstorm connected to your computer? And if not, when you unplug the hydra, does the lego mindstorm device disappear?

No i dont have anything with that name connected my pc
Moreover it disappears when i disconnect hydra

Before trying any of the following suggestions, what type of port are you connecting the hydra to? of it is usb 3.0, try a non usb 3 port and see what happens.

if the preceding suggestion did not help, here are a few things that you can try:

  1. Try to reboot computer and see if that will help, perhaps the usb port on your pc has been corupted.

  2. If you see that lego mindstorm thing, uninstall that driver by going into the properties of that device and then select to remove from pc completely. Reboot pc and then plug the hydra back in and it should re attempt to find the correct driver.

  3. Uninstall the GHI SDK completely and then re install it. There may have been some kind of driver corruption and follow number 2 if you get the old driver showing up.