Firmware update error FEZ Duino


i have a FEZ Duino with Firmware and wanted to update the firmware to When starting the update, „Connecting to Loader Mode …“ comes and after about 5 seconds then „There was an error during the upload“.

I start TinyCLR Config in admin mode no change.

Change File permissions from “SITCore Firmware v2.0.0.ghi” to Full control no change

What can I do

Maybe power issue USB Powered Hubs – GHI Electronics

If your file is corrupted. Check the MD5

Hi Gus,

the FEZ Duino is connected via a USB Hub 2.0 and the MD5 hash matches that of your website.

I’ve done it now on my Surface Pro 7 and that’s where it works. Can it be because the USB Hub 2.0 is too slow?

Thank you for your help

It should work

Is your USB Hub 2.0 a powered hub? If not this may be the issue.

You can hold the LDR button, hit reset button, a new com port will show up in TinyCLR Config, select that port and click update firmware as usual.

Have you ever update firmware on this PC before?

Sorry for the late Answer, the USB 2 Hub is a powered Hub but i have now a powered USB Hub 3.0 and firmware Update works fine.

I’ m happy that all works with my pc and i can test now TinyCLR V2

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