Fio sized NetMF board?

Has anyone tried to make a NetMF board with a Arduino Fio form factor?

so you want something that’s a DIP28 package size, or something pinout compatible?

Cerb40 would seem to me to tick more boxes than Fio would, what would you find compelling about a Cerb28 that might pique someone’s interest?

Looks like the (don’t recall coming across one before) Fio is a hybrid of the Cerb40 and the CerbBee, with USB support on board and a LiPo charger.

I don’t recall seeing a close equivilent around here. The closest I recall is one of Justin’s commissioned boards with the XBee. but that wasn’t the same form factor.

As I said in your other post, we don’t care about Cisco switches, this is not the right forum for you. Please just go away.

I’m not picky about the exact size it’s more about having a few pins, the Xbee, USB, LiPo/charger in a package that small. A Cerb40 with a xbee and LiPo charging circuit would work great.

I was using a FEZ Mini for a stealth remote control but had to wire up the power and xbee manually. The night before the event I was soldering it all together and fried the Mini. I found the Fio board in a box and got it working, but I know more .Net than Arduino.

I can write code and follow instructions but circuit design has always eluded me.

Yes, the one thing I missed was the XBee. The LiPo charger from USB power is somewhat useful I guess, for those “remote” device scenarios where you occasionally can power-up via USB (would you really though? Really??)

So here’s a thought. We could make a footprint for one of these based on Cerb40/Cerbuino and put it up on OSHPark where people could order 3 boards themselves and take the BOM and solder it at home. Would that work for you?

I was never really interested in Lipo circuits on board but of late they seem the end up on everything i do at day job number 2 :wink:

Then it’ll be a snack for you to spin this board, won’t it!

Well a certain Swiss gentleman has sourced some interesting silicon for me that would suit a board like this to a T :whistle:

Can you speak of what this “interesting” silicon might be? I’m assuming it’s more than just a MCP7383x and the like which Sparkfun and Adafruit uses.

Something very interesting from ST :slight_smile:

Not so much as occasionally power up from USB but not have to take the battery out of the case and plug it into a separate LiPo charger.

I’m ok soldering components as long as I’ve got a good BOM. I put together all these boards from a kit. DSCN0492.MOV - YouTube

I didn’t mean to kill the thread! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. :whistle: ;D