Finding a download of GHI NETMF 4.0

Dear Fellow Enthusiasts,

At the recent Detroit Maker Faire, I purchased two FEX Panda II kits and an EMX Development System, and I’ve been working to get them set up.

I use C# Express 2008 because it is the last release without the need to register ( and deal with MS Live ID, which I have found a frustration ).

Finding and installing MS NETMF 4.0 was no problem, but finding GHI NETMF 4.0 has been elusive. Any help?

Also, I’m interested in whether one can use the open-source SharpDevelop environment with the GHI kits instead of MS Studio products, and how to proceed if the answer is yes…

Many thanks.


all the downloads and tutorials are found here:

please take the time to read through the Beginners Guide to .NET Micro Framework found under resource tab on the link above.

You will need to use the 4.1 SDK from the downloads page that Jay Jay referenced with those boards for now.

And vs2010 is required.

Dear Gus and Jay Jay,

Many thanks for your responses, especially this late in the evening!

It’s too bad that the 2008 of the SharpDeveolp will not work, but at least now I have a solid reason for getting the 2010 C#, which I did not have earlier.

For that, I am grateful.




I forgot to include IanLee 74 in my thanks!



It is mid 2012 so is it really bad VS2008 is not supported :slight_smile: Four years in technology is a very long time. We have heard from people wanting to use VS2012 already wanting to switch from VS2010.

We look forward to seeing your projects.

And welcome to the community.

You should be able to install without registering using the offline download link here:

Doesnt VS still, after running a month or something, ask you to register, for which you need a live id?

Doh, you’re correct. Set the clock on my VM ahead 6 months and it asks.

I didn’t realize it did that, thought it was just required to install it through the web install.


Yep, same thing I got when I set the clock forward on the VM.

I’ll ask someone I know at MS to see if there is a way around it - likely answer would be to sign up for a free hotmail account, but will at least ask.