Filter InterruptPort noise of Viessmann heater in proximity to Panda II


I have Panda II which is installed near (1,5 m = 5 feets) to Viessmann Vitodens 100 heater.
When I turn on heater immediatelly after pressing power button all InterruptPorts of Panda II that have wires connected are raised with state = 1.

What can I do to filter those noises ?

When I take Panda 3 meters away everything is OK.

Secondly apart from InterruptPorts raised Fez Connect registers incoming connection from IP

Thanks in advance

put capacitors on those interrupt lines, and if possible, use shielded cables.

On the other hand, you provided a good solution: move the panda 3m away from the heater :wink:

When a large inductive load turns on it produces a large amount of electrical noise. Some of this noise will be conducted back along the mains cord (and radiating from the cord as well) and some will radiate from the device itself. It is common for inputs to have chip inductors to help filter the noise as well as using some electronic filtering (glitch filter) to ignore the false triggers.

How are you powering the panda ? Did you try with a different power supply ? Some bad quality power supplu are not correctly filtered.

Is your heater correctly grounded ?

Do you have the same problem leaving the panda at the same place, but taking power from another plug far from the heater, with a power extender coord ?

I suggest you to add two caps : a 1000uF between ground and input power.
A 100uF between 3v3 and ground.
And see if it improves…

About the, please provide code. Is this for all incoming connections or only for a few of them ?

Thanky everybody for answers.

I have tried different powering scenarios (including UPS and powering up Panda with Notebook on battery), where Panda was totally separated from the heater.

Heater is supplied with power from building and is grounded.

I can’t go further from heater, because all cables are coming to this place.

I will try to put capacitors as suggested and see what happens.

My observations show that cables connected to Panda are behaving as a good antenna.



Indeed they are :wink: Thats why I replaced my UTP cables in the garage with shielded cables.