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Fezzer is now TinyCLR Code


Over the next week will be phased out. Starting today you cannot register or log in vai Fezzer is now apart of TinyCLR. In the navigation bar “Code” will take you there, or you can follow the link below:

I re-did the tag page, reworked the search, and added a rating system.


It looks really good Josh.


Look Great!
***** for you, Josh!



Just curious if the point system is fixed and what is the plan for the posts submitted during the time it was broken.


Great work!


@ Architect, try selecting modify then hit submit and it should give you the points.


Hmm… Can’t logout, it keeps logging me in right after I click logout.
I cleared cache btw.


Meet in the chat room.


The new code.tinyclr is confusing. I don’t seem to be able to log-in. When I try to it sends me to the forums. When I try to enter code, it does not appear to know who I am.


We still have some problem in “login” but we are right on it. We apologies for any inconvenience.


Sorry for my impatients I thought it was ready. I will wait 'til we get the go ahead from GHI


We thought it was done too! Then we had problems with “new messages” over weekend so we had to revert back code :frowning:

…very soon :slight_smile:


I “modified” my code and then tried to logout to get my points to update but hitting logout automatically logged me right back in. So, I logged in on another computer, one that did not have my cookies on it, and now my points are reflected on my account.


@ Dave, Rhino

Visit and you’ll be logged out. Logging in again will store the correct cookie. Same for code, visit


Seems to be okay now! Wooo Hoo.


I no longer am auto-signed in on any of my devices. I keep saying remember me but it doesn’t.

I think I’ll put Josh on speed dial. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you try deleting your cookies?


Did you try deleting your cookies?


There has been a lot of change going on with regards to logging in. Hopefully things have settled down. Your best bet is to visit the log in page on your devices and re-log in (even if it shows you as logged in).