Fezzer.com feedback

I’ve just started actually using FEZZer to find stuff instead of just browsing around, Here’s what I noticed.

There’s no search (like you’ve never heard that before :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize that the “x” in Filter by tags is a close box. I read “gps (2) x” as “the tag gps appeared 2 times”. I suggest using an actual graphic instead of letter x.
So it was very confusing when I chose gps (the tag I was interested in) and posts with the other tags start appearing.

I don’t know if you restrict the creation of tags, but IMHO, you should. The less # of tags the easier it is to find things and also increases serendipity (accidental discovery).

If you allow graphic in addition to listings you would be able to replace brochures and drivers in TinyClr product pages with link to Fezzer.

Something like this for close?

Of the two additions I’ve made to Fezzer, I still can’t work out how to add a ‘title image’ (as seen when searching, etc.) I’m sure I tried to attach an image, but it didn’t seem to work so deleted the attachment. How is it done?