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[fezzer]Added (almost) every driver of the website to fezzer


Just added (almost) all the drivers to fezzer.
It took a while :smiley: Did not realize there were that much drivers :smiley:

If I missed out some drivers, please let me know :wink:


Great job Foekie.



Wow. You will get so many points for doing that


Nicely done Foekie!! :clap:


Thank you for all that work!

Fezzer is very nice.
Will you also implement search in addition to tags?
Will the page URL remain constant if page title is edited? If not, we need a “Copy permanent url” button on the page.
Minor typo on login page: “Log in using your MYGHI account.” probably should remove “MY”.


Very good job, Robert :clap:


That is one massive endeavor Robert.
Great work :clap:


Thanks all I do my best 8)


Thanks Foekie. Your effort has earned you 600 bonus experience points.


Many thanks for doing that… but where is the link to the drivers?

Many thanks


Website is new and in beta


Thanks Gus ;D

#13 :smiley:


It’s not working…?


Maybe with the http ? Let’s try :

Edit: it works ! :slight_smile: No tag around.


So Josh fixed it? ;D
Edited my post, works ;D