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FEZTive - Noob questions

Very cool - or warm, as the seasons would have you believe right now !

Glad you have a good outlook on the strips of LEDs. Yep, it’s a learning experience ! FYI Little Bird have the WS2812 strips, waterproof, and they have 10% off today.

PM me your address, I have a xmas gift I’ll send your way - retro Netmf ! (just a bare bones CANxtra, no case or LCD)

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27oC, luckily there is aircon. ;D

Wow that is cheap, also free shipping if I add in a few extras! So the WS2812 strips follow the same protocols as HL1606?

similar, but slightly different. There’s a codeshare for it though ! “Use the coupon code MERRYCHRISTMAS at checkout to save 10%”

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So I’m up and running after Adafruit replaced a faulty strip, thanks everyone, especially Brett.

I’ve adjusted the code a little to work with the SPI socket on a FEZ Hydra II and since my project needs to /appear/ to update four separate segments simultaneously I’ll be adding some code so it’s an underlying function (it’s going to get a little bit messy otherwise).