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FEZPandaDomino-EXP (Expansion) Board Change Suggestion


FEZPandaDomino-EXP (Expansion) Board Change Suggestion.

Since Domino/Panda has the A/D reference at ~ +3.3VDC then
any sensor/device that feeds the analog channels A0-A5 should have the
same supply voltage.

The Exapansion board on its 3 pin JST connectors has on Pin #1 +5VDC, Pin #2 Signal
and Pin #3 as ground.

My suggestion:
Remove the +5 VDC from all pin one’s on all the analog connectors A0-A5 and put
+3.3 VDC in its place. This can be easily done on the PCB layout of this board.

If not, Hackers get out your X-ACTO knife and remove the +5 VCD bus track and connect
it to the 3.3 VDC supply with a solid wire jumper.

Note: Since most of the FEZ ARM pins are 5 VDC tolerant then keeping +5VDC on the digital
JST pins would be just fine.

What are your thoughts on having another version of this expansion board?


Thanks Joe. I will pass this on to our engineers