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FEZMini firmware newer than SDK


I’ve just unpacked the FedEx box and started to play with the FEZMini, following the FEZ Tutorial.

In the “Release Notes” of the latest SDK download available (SDK Version 1.0.11 - October 15, 2010), the reported version number (for all the models) of the firmware is V

Checking the firmware version of the FEZMini card with MFDeploy gives me:
SoftwareVersion.BuildDate: Feb 21 2011

So, what I’m supposed to do? Should I downgrade the firmware until the new SDK download is available?

Many Thanks in advance


Looks like you have beta on you Mini.

3 options:

  1. Wait for release. (You will have to reload firmware and sdk )
  2. Downgrade firmware to current release version (only firmware has to be reloaded).
  3. Contact GHI directly for beta SDK (only SDK has to be reinstalled).


Thanks, I’ll downgrade firmware to current release version (V