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FEZmini Compatible to BS2?


After reading the FEZmini Brochure and reading some articles in the Forum… the FEZmini is compatible to Basic Stamp2 pinout right? ??? …that means I dont have to worry about the 5v the Board Of Education feeds the BS2 socket right, and you just plug it in and off you go programming the FEZmini to run the Motors, pinouts to bread board, right ??? … Has anybody tried this out or has any suggestions.

Thanks. :wink:


Yep, you got it.


The only difference is that the Mini is faster, and far wider than the BS2. It’s also using standard pin headers rather than IC leads (like say, the Netduino Mini uses) which could damage some sockets or not go in.

In general though, it should work anywhere than a BS2 does.