My VS Intellisense doesn’t list GHI.Pins.FEZCobraIII as an option and gives an error, only FEZCobraII. I downloaded the latest SDK and have the project properties set to v4.3. What am I doing wrong?

GHI.Pins is there and so is GHI.Hardware. The Object Browser has the FEZCobraII in GHI.Pins but not anything from FEZCobraIII. (FEZPandaIII is there including FEZPandaIII.Gpio.)

In the latest SDK, the GHI.Pins assembly version (for runtime version 4.0.30319) has FezCobraIII listed in it. Create a new project and add the reference again and browse it in Object Browser - and confirm the properties show

Thanks, Brett. Was working with an earlier version (obviously) as I had failed to download GHI SDK but had only grabbed MS SDK. All is well now.