FezBridge - Android Debug Bridge meets Fez Domino

Hi there,

just completed an early version of MicroBridge [url]http://romfont.com/2011/05/15/microbridge-adb-support-for-arduino/[/url] for .NETMF devices, called FezBridge. Android Debug Mode is available on almost every Android phone and has the same functionality as Android Open Acessory.
Video can be found here:

Source code cab be found on Google code:
Give it try.

Greatings RobotFreak

That is a sweet project ;D
I love how mobile phones are being used in robotics projects or embedded systems!

Good job! :clap:

I second the awesomeness. When Google announced ADK, I got quite excited, but that quicky turned to frustration after learning it only works on a very few hardware/OS combinations currently in use.

I will definately be taking this for a spin…

I like it a lot :smiley:

Thank you guys.

Yes ADB is the alternative method for accessing external hardware from Android with USB. It should be possible to combine both drivers ADK and ADB into one. First try to get a connection with ADK then fallback to ADB.

@ Robert (Foekie) . Yes robotics with an Android phone is on my todo list. You get WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, compass, Onboard Video, Touch graphics TFT and a lot of computing power

Very cool…now I need to buy an android phone!