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FEZ Worksheets


Here are somethings that I was doing right after I became a FEZzer.
I created a worksheet for the FEZ boards.

My first intention was using them to track the pin usage on my first Domino.
Then I got a Panda, later I got my Cobra. Then another Panda.

When I got some spare time I thought about a Mini and Rhino may be someday
I would add them in my FEZ collection, so I created the worksheet for them too.

I found these worksheets are very useful to me in order to keep track ot the pin usage.
And as a reference for designing a system, so I know where the I2C, SPI, UART pins location right away.

I decided to share these to my fellow FEZzer, hoping that this would be usefule to you too.


I am going to use it for sure!


How did you create the graphics of the boards?
Could you send me them?

I love the work sheet, will print it out as soon as I get home 8)


I used Photoshop.
I just load the photo and then trace the outline.
The download file included the PDF file that can be load into photoshop.


Could you give me a tutorial on how to do that?
I love it, thank you very very much!

Edit: the rhino file can’t be downloaded and the link is wrong, this is the correct one:


Thanks for the correction! :wink:
I fixed the link for Rhino!

You should be able to use PDF file in photoshop!
Otherwise, let me know.


Well, I can open it, but there are no layers (only 1) or is this created out of 1 layer?

Also, there are some headers on top of the JST connectors on the cobra.


OK! I will add a rhino’s photoshop file on the Wiki page,
as a Holiday gift for you, and other fezzer.
How about sometime tomorrow?!


Tinkerer would be nice as well. Please. Pretty please!


Dave, ohhhh Dave…

Is that a wish?? ::slight_smile:

That’s tough! This is what I have to deal with: (thanks EriSan500 for the info.)

may be skip 88 on Panda since the Panda is already done!

I myself do not own the thinkerer board. So I have no use in this one.

But, here is the deal…

If there are others who would want the Thinkerer Worksheet
(at least 10 more), and make a request on this thread.

Then I would do it, OK?


300 points :slight_smile: thank Sam


+1 for the thinkerer board :slight_smile:


+1 for tinkerer, domino and mini drawing.

If you need help, teach me how to do it :wink:


Here is the Rhino in Photoshop with layer…


P.S. I did not add the link to the file in FEZ Worksheets WiKi page.


Thanks. Someone did a domino in Sketchup. Pretty cool to be able to handle it in 3D. Think correct sketchup versions of all models would be a good idea. Should be able to convert from existing CAD files.


Maybe cncmike can put his 3D version of Panda there as well.


First congratulation! You’re a Master now. I just noticed!

You just beat me. I’m about to tell William about Mike in MN 3D Panda