FEZ WiFi-Update

same month ago I bought 2 FEZ Wifi.I thought I write a program and it starts like on other boards.
But here I have to do a relatively complicated procedure to update the firmware of the WIFi-module to make it work. For this I bought a special USB-serial cable and installed the software as described. On " Flash the WiFi Module" I set the parameter and on “Next” I get a time out on both modules. That means it dosn’t work for me.
But my problem is that now no Wifi-LED is flashing anymore. Means this the Wifi-module is crashed?

There is a pin that sets the WiFi module in MicroPython mode. This pins needs to be set properly. As the module has been discontinued by ST, sadly, there isn’t much we can do on our end.

What does it mean for me?
Can I wake up the WiFi-module?
With this experience, I hesitate to buy new ones.

Where does the timeout occur? Is it in the Flash Loader Demonstrator after you enter the UART details?

yes, so it is.

Please doublecheck that you didn’t swap RX and TX.
Here is a link to my personal way to update the firmware, please have a look on the pictures.

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