Fez web server

i’m using fez cobra microcontroller programming with C# to implement web server which can host a web page in html
my question is do i need to store HTML web page in flash memory in microcontroller.??


Hey, check out this great example:

It can use binairy sources.

The link provided by Robert is “the” way to go on the Cobra.

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the link above says how to insert link of the web page in to c# programme,apart from that can we insert html document to the C# programme.


You can serve html from:

  • a string in c# ( string html = “…Hello World…” )
  • a file located on SD card, USB stick (depending on your fez board)

i got problem that fez cobra main board ethernet port is just a interface so it cannot send TCP/IP messahe to the board.therefor i cannot control the web page through PC.
but is it possible that i can connect TFT display to the cobra board and show the web page to it??

What you are now talking about is turning the Cobra into a client device and displaying HTML.

For that I personally think you should take a look at Skewworks Pyxis2 code that is freely available, to see how he achieves that.

It seems like you aren’t really clear on what you’re trying to achieve, perhaps if you tell us more we’ll be able to give you more firm direction?

You can look at Pyxis 2 for display stuff and even grab .NET Clix (a OE free & upgraded version of the controls). However, there’s currently NO good solution for displaying web pages rendered on a NETMF device. I had started on one but ended before adding CSS or JavaScript.

i just want to hold a web page through this cobra board but i’m not sure weather this board can do it.

What does “hold” mean???

Please describe better what you want to achieve; if you only want to have files on a SD card or USB thumb drive connected to your cobra, and allow a user with a browser on a PC be able to look at them, then YES that works. Check out GHI’s youtube videos on this that clearly show this.

and in that case do i need to connect external “WIZnet_W5100” to fez cobra board???
thank you.

If you would like run HTTP Server by Ethernet(LAN) on cobra you don’t need any additional hardware.
WEB page can use HTML, JavaScript and CSS you can put files on SD card or in resources.
Look for WEBServer Example in code section…

Cobra has built in Ethernet. Only “smaller” devices such as Panda and Domino need the Wiz5100 shield

is this the same one (http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=TCP_/_Web_Server_Tutorial) which can act as a web server as link provided ealier (http://code.tinyclr.com/project/243/webserver-extension-for-fez-cobra/).

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no they are different; what is your real question?

so what is the different?? both are use for make web server using cobra module isn’t it??

Check code and you will see what is difference. Or put them to board and test what can each of example offer you…

they both use networking, is that what you mean?

You really have to look at them to see what they do and how they may or may not be suitable for your particular application.

i’m new to C# and I’ll give a try