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FEZ Web Server... Freakin' Easy! Code?


Hi you GHI guys.
Some time ago, you have placed a realy nice demo on youtube: regarding a webserver based on a FEZ Connect, a Domino and a few E-blocks.

I was wondering if the code is placed somewhere on your webside.
Is it possible to post a link. That would be nice as a starter.

Thanks in advance.
Cu Wim.


Could it be this one ?


There is a whole book covering internet and web hosting in details under downloads


@ Gus, I have downloaded the Intenet of Things and studied that.
I was curious about the analog bar graph.

@ Nicolas, thats the starter. Have to create a new project because of the newer SDK
and put the Domino namespace into it instead of the panda

Thanks, Cu Wim.



I am new to this comunity. I bought panda 2 for start and few features, temperature, pot, itc…

I also saw that example with pot graph on youtube.
I can not get made to senzors on this page.
I saw few examples about auto refresh, but I can not get this working.

Is it possible to get complete code for that graph which shows pot?
Or someone has some similar example to have realtime data on page + possible to toggle led from webpage.

Thank you!



Welcome Janez.

If the code samples from earlier in this post aren’t helping you, then perhaps Nicolas’ http configuration app will help - as a web server it is one of the best, most tested pieces of code available that will get you a web page working nicely, see

From there you only need to sort out reading the sensors; I am assuming that portion you have sorted out?


I think janez is looking for the HTTP code that was used to show the green bar.

This is not related to c# nor related to fez as it is pure HTTP question. I will try my best to find the old code but try to search the web for such examples.



Thanks for your answers.

@ Gus : It is true. My problem was not related to fez, not C#. Java script solved my problem.

Now I am next to play with this amazing toy. :slight_smile: