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FEZ UI Components Mounting Plate


The kits I am putting together for the FEZ classes I am teaching use the component shield and a variety of Input and Output bricks. I am using a Pololu RP5 Expansion plate ( to mount and organize the components. This makes it easy to organize the components and keep them from wandering all over the desk.

Mount the Serial LCD using standoffs and mount all of the necessary bricks with a single machine screw. Use stick-on rubber feet on the bottom. I routed all of the cables so that they come out the top, underneath the LCD. Labeling the end of each cable would be a good idea.


That is a nice looking kit!


Look really nice and tidy!


Do you know who makes these panels for pololu?


I think they did it themselves. They have the Custom Laser Cutting Services on their website.

It should not be that hard to do it, I mean to design as the modular to fit for FEZ devices and components!

The material is only an 1/8" acrylic sheet. And ( is a place that can produce this kind of thing, or may be some other places.


Yeah, it worked out really well. When I showed this in class today, there was a really positive response. I had considered having the plates made in-house, but for $7.95, there was no point.

It gave everyone a clearer idea about how they could very quickly build an adequate front panel for their prototypes with almost no effort - just go to the parts bin and grab some screws and bolt it down.


It would be really great to see a Ponoko open source project for something like this. And really cool custom panda enclosures too.


And look at this - This is the newest version of the SeeedStudio Grove system. It now includes a mounting plate for a Panda and all of the components.


Here it is all hooked up. Looks a lot like mine.


I got a few of these in yesterday. They have ground down the bottom pins on all components to be almost flush with the PCB. They include simple push in expanding pins to mount the components. A 9V battery holder is included.

It all comes in a mice box with a hinged lid. I will add a Velcro tab to the lid to keep it closed. Just add a Panda or Domino and you are ready to go.

I would use stick on feet rather than the included stand-offs.


Wow, looks very nice, BHB…


Looks attractive. How heavy is it?


The plate is a very light piece of plastic. And more flexible than I would like. It is about 1/16th inch thick.


Will have to add that to my DSO quad beta order.


Read the fine print on that order first. It says that if you add anything but the Quad on the order, your entire order will be held till the quad ships. Place 2 orders if you want to get it soon.


Oh i am not in a hurry a lack of toys to play with is not something i have a problem with right now.