FEZ Touch on Hydra

Is it possible? If so, a module to convert it to sockets would be nice. Has anyone done this?

Possible but a horrible idea :slight_smile:

Well, I wouldn’t buy one for that purpose… But, if you’ve got it why not use it…at least until that capacitive touchscreen comes out :wink:

You will have fun soldering about 30 wires :slight_smile:

Note this display uses parallel interface, not TFT interface so you will have to write some code too.

If you are doing it for the callange part of things then fine but I wouldn’t bother.

Soldering to change the Touch or to just convert it’s plug into Gadgeteer sockets?

I have enough challenges going on right now… Don’t think I’ll bother with this one. Although it would be nice if you offered a Gadgeteer screen at about the same price as the Touch. Sometimes that size is “enough”.