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??? I am new to working with hardware. I have some c# background so that dosen’t seem to be a problem. I have downloaded the source code for the the touch example and gotten it to run just fine. I then tried to muck with it to see what I could do. When trying to load a different img I can only seem to load one that is the same size as the Monkey. I would like to have one the full screen size. I tried to change the Font size to somthing a little larger (boom) or rather scribles. I am realy starting to get frustrated. One note it would be nice if the sample code was fully commented so the novice could figure out what is going on. I found some syntax that I have never seen befor and had to look up to find out what it did.
I guess my question is. Is there anybody out there with a full working sample of a user interface using the Touch that they would share?


This is a very new display. You will see many examples and drivers in near future. From GHI and from the community.


BTW: I just started really working with this display today. A few simple changes to the driver sped up the drawstring routine by about 40%. Not very dramatic, but something. Knowing how new the display is, I decided not to go any farther with optimizations because I expect that the drivers will get support in low level code soon enough.

The display works great. It will be exciting to see how it develops.


I’ve been tinkering around too, made some general speed improvements.

What I’m looking for right now is GetPixel. Anyone want to lend a hand here? The register for read is the same as write (22h) so silly me thought issuing the some command and then doing a instead of pp.write would get the data…nope.

EDIT: OK I’ve got it (this time for sure)


would you be kind enough to provide the code ? :slight_smile:


I think that is what makes up Spiral (that’s a big I think)


@ sodit - . It is well worth $12.95.


I guess it could be useful to be able to know what are all the methods provided by this library.

When looking at the web site, nothing is mentionned about GetPixel for instance. I know it is there, in this
library, but, having a list of classes and methods could make the interest in this library more accurate because you won’t have to ask the creator if this functionality is available or not.


On the downloads tab of Spiral’s product page is a PDF listing every method available :wink:



With one forum… :wink:



Skewworks have you readed my questions on your forum ? ::slight_smile:


Flid = pbenaim?

Yes I’m on it. Both of your requests are feature adds so they’re a little lower on my list but on it none the less.

Brightness will definitely be added and I’m still looking over things to see if 1bit trans images make sense.


Yes pbenaim it’s me :wink:

Thanks for your support :slight_smile: