FEZ TOUCH - Graphic User Interface?

Hi guys,
I’m experimenting with my Fez Panda (I) and an eBay LCD module that I changed from 16 to 8 bit parallel bus, similar to those used on the FEZ TOUCH (ILI9325 chipset), and that’s working perfectly with the drivers I found here.

I know that using only C# Fez Panda it’s not so fast to obtains a fast response Touch-GUI, also using the 8 bits fast mode Parallel Port, but I have not a fast response time problem, so I’m writing a class to create a simple Touch-GUI class for that display.

There are some utility program to create a simple Touch-GUI (button text, menu scrolling options) for those type of displays? Someone also had wrote a similar C#-class code?

Michele - Italy.

This is s a commercial library fro those displays http://skewworks.com/products/Spiral
Inexpensive and will save you a lot of time.

Thanks Gus, I think it will be the right solution…


An update for Spiral is scheduled to go out this week so if there are any feature requests you have now would be the time to get it in. :wink: