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FEZ Touch Example Code


I was playing with my new Panda II and FEZ Touch (yea! they came today), I and I thought I would ask a probably dumb question - is there an easy way to flip it from “portrait” to “landscape”.

I know it might seem trivial just to draw stuff the other way, but the reason I ask is the DrawString function - I want the text to flip the other way.


This came up before. Yes you can and this actually came up before. There need to be some modification to the LCD registers.

I am not sure if spiral supports this


Just as an FYI, I asked this question on their forum and got this answer:

[quote]by Skewworks » Wed May 25, 2011 4:28 pm

This is going to be added soon and will be given out as a free update.

To write ONLY text in a different mode you would need to switch to Landscape, call DrawText and switch back to Portrait.[/quote]


@ twkisner,

Landscape mode has been added and will be available by the end of the day. We’ve put in a couple of nice features with it to allow rendering some elements in Landscape and others in Portrait at the same time.

Update: Now online.


Sold. Like I mentioned on your forum it looks like a pretty cool tool.