FEZ Tool updated G400-D wrong

i have updated my G400-D board, which arrived today…
I tried to get used to the new board and opened the FEZ Updater, which told me that my current firmware version on my g400 is outdated and asked me to update.
So did i and now i think i uploaded the firmware for the g400 gadgeteer module :wall:
what am i supposed to do now ??


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Go write a program and change the world!

Seriously, as far as I know there is only one G400 firmware. So, you should be in good shape. Are you having an issue?

did you first follow

Ah, you mean when you connect to it, it shows as G400_Gadgeteer ?

This is very missleading I know but rest assured that is only the friendly name which you can change from Fezconfig.

It would seem that GHI sets all USB names to this now. My previous G400 was just G400_G400 and then became G400_Gadgeteer on the last update. Same with my G120 modules.

Sometimes, it seems the name of the device gets changed from the one containing the word “raptor” to something like “g400_g400”

Ive just learned to live with that. It seems harmless.

That is just a name that can be completely ignored. I think FEZ config sets that name by default.

Finally back… ::slight_smile:
so i did the bootloader update with the batch script reffering to the SAM BA tool from atmel and it said that my upload was successful…
porbably it was… idk … when i’m powering the device the screen stays white and not like the older verison, showing me verion id and the “waiting for debug cmds…” string…

i really dont get the error :frowning:

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Time for some troubleshooting. https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/165/netmf-and-gadgeteer-troubleshooting

Attach device normally. Check Device Manager and tell us what state it appears to be in (see screenshots in above link that talk about the USB drivers). Ignore the device’s screen state at this time - you will need to do the setup of that at some time. Open Fez Config and check device for updates. Paste what it reports back here.

Also, there is no firmware for the “gadgeteer” device, that may just be the name it’s been given. You really don’t need to worry about that at all, it’ll be fine. Report what Fez Config says and we can help move you forward.

The default behavour with all new systems is that the LCD is disabled if you reflash your device.

There is 2 ways to fix this. The first is to use Fezconfig to input the correct LCD settings.

The second and best option is to do this in your code. The idea here is that if you do an infield update that includes the firmware, you need to reset the display anyway. This will reboot your board if the LCD parameters have changed so will only do this the first time you update them. Each subsequent run will just continue as normal.

Display.Width = 800;
Display.Height = 480;
Display.HorizontalSyncPulseWidth = 48;
Display.HorizontalBackPorch = 88;
Display.HorizontalFrontPorch = 40;
Display.VerticalSyncPulseWidth = 3;
Display.VerticalBackPorch = 32;
Display.VerticalFrontPorch = 13;
Display.PixelClockRateKHz = 30000;
Display.OutputEnableIsFixed = false;
Display.OutputEnablePolarity = true;
Display.HorizontalSyncPolarity = false;
Display.VerticalSyncPolarity = false;
Display.PixelPolarity = false;
Display.Type = Display.DisplayType.Lcd;

if (Display.Save())      // Reboot required?

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Thanks for your quick and detailed support…
I’ll try it today and post what happend :slight_smile:

ok now i have another problem… ???
the device is only noticed as a GHI Bootloader interface ( what never happened before), so it is untargetable with FEZ Config

the bootloader mode is correct as i read now…
but the instructions in the manual say that i should connect it via COM1 and update it with FEZ … but FEZ says that it is not possible to update via Serial connection.
So when i connect it via USB FEZ doesn’t even recognize me :’(

i will never ever update the firmware…
i have to develope -.-

Assuming the bootloader is working correctly, Fez Config will be able to then deploy the firmware update to the device.

But to make sure we have a shared understanding of your problem, please capture a screenshot of Device Manager when you have first attached your G400 device, and then open Fez Config. Please capture another screenshot of what Fez Config shows by default (before you change the USB/Serial dropdown) as it should find a device at that point. If not, change the dropdown to Serial, if the device appears capture another screenshot, otherwise change back to USB.

Once you can see a device listed inthe dropdown NEXT to the USB/Serial control, click the “check device for update”, and paste the text that it returns into your reply here. You should then be able to step through the firmware updater section of Fez Config to deploy the firmware, and be finally complete.

Somehow my browser didn’t send my last post…
I fixed the problem now with selecting the bootloader .ghi file again.
I think the FEZ didn’t load the ghi file and gave an error which has nothing to do with the real problem.
But now it is working!
Thank you for your detailed and fast support

Best regards,

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