FEZ Spider with relais and GSM modem


I’m new here. I want to buy the FEZ Spider board in combination with:

  • eblock Expansion Module in combination with the 3-pin Relay eblock.
    I can’t use relay module with socket Y because this socket is not available in the FEZ Spider, right?
    My questions is: what socket type is the expansion module??
  • Display T35 Module
  • Ethernet J11D Module
  • USB Client DP Module
  • CAN DW Module
  • Barometer Module
  • Light Sensor eblock
  • Thermometer eblock

With all this I want to make a kind of “Home automation system”.

The CAN module I’d like to use for a RS232 GSM/GPRS modem. Anyone a sugestion for the modem?

Thanks for the help.

FEZ Spider has several available Y sockets.

I don’t have a relay module, so I haven’t tested it with the Spider board, but I’ve used the Potentiometer, Button, LED, IR Receiver, IR LED, and Piezo eblocks with the Spider, all with no trouble other than my boneheaded attempt to run two Piezos off a single PWM socket, which didn’t work so well. :slight_smile:

In some cases, you may need to split up the eblocks into separate sockets, since the socket you plug into may not support every kind of eblock you wish to use, so I’d recommend picking up an extra eblock expansion module or two.

As for your question on what socket type the eblock expansion module is, the answer is that it depends on the eblock you’re attempting to use. For example, the Piezo module needs to be plugged into pin 6, 7, 8, or 9 on an eblock expansion module on a socket marked with P (for PWM).

For analog input (such as the potentiometer eblock), you’ll want to plug the eblock into pin 3, 4, or 5 on an eblock expansion module plugged into a socket market with A.

If you’ve not seen it, there’s a section on the wiki that discusses the eblock module in depth, including code examples for the various types of input and output:


Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply. I red the section about the socket assignment, it was really helpfull.

So I’ll need 2 eblock expansion modules because the thermometer and the lightsensor are analog(a type), and the relay(y type) is digital.

why not use the Gadgeteer Relay directly…


Well, because at first I looked over the Y-ports on the bord layout.
I only looked at the squares with the info.

So you’re right. Using the Gadgeteer Relay I can eliminate 1 eblock expansion.


@ ertonmayor

In the case of A and Y type eblocks, I think you might be able to use both with a single eblock expansion module, as long as the socket you plug the module into supports both types. Note that I haven’t specifically tested the sensor and relay you’re talking about, so this is in theory.

For example, Socket 9 on the Spider supports A, O, S, J, and Y, so as long as you use the appropriate pins on the expansion module, you should be able to use those supported types, even together, I think.

But using a Gadgeteer module, where possible, will probably be a better experience, and will certainly make your code a little simpler.

The product description is fixed to clearly show X and Y types on FEZ Spider mainbord

Thanks for the replies guys. They are very usefull!!!

Let’s see if I can order everything I need in a store nearby…