FEZ Spider : Wifi Acces Point possible?

Hello everybody,

It’s possible to make an wifi access point with FEZ Spider using any module ?

Thanks a lot !


Why do you need access point?

To connect my Windows Phone 7 (Client only)

Windows Phone 7 don’t support AdHoc wifi connection…

oh I see why. This is not possible and I doubt any small embedded device would support AP.

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Why not the other way around? If you have Mango, you can use the phone as the AP (i.e. Internet Sharing), assuming your provider allows it. Works like a charm with my Android phone on Verizon (note I do pay a monthly fee for this service).

Nice, thanks for the info. I didn’t known this fonctionality.

Now, the second question is : FEZ Spider can open server socket port using the wifi module connected to my Windows Phone 7?

Thanks !

If I got your question correctly, spider can open socket to any device. This is standard TCP/IP.

Lets just be clear - what you are talking about is connecting Spider to the internet via a shared connection on a phone (which happens to be a Mango WP7).

I think that any phone today that can act as a Wifi AP itself will still require you to use a WiFi module on Spider - you need to WiFi to the AP that then shares connection to the internet.

I would check that your phone and carrier gives you the capability to do this; I know my WP7 Mango device does not - my telco hasn’t enabled the post-Mango Internet Sharing, and it’s unclear if this will allow only “tethered” connection or will allow it to perform as an AP.

It may be possible (with a lot of work - I suspect never considered by anyone else) to use USB Host to tether the spider to a phone and provide network connectivity, but again I am not sure that this has ever been looked at or if its even possible.

Check your phone first!

My mobile Provider also disabled the Internet Sharing on the phone.
Check if you have this menu point in the settings tile.

If this option is available you can connect to any reachable socket.
You cannot open a listener on the phone and connect this is not supported by the Windows phone api.

What about connecting to a gadget being used as a field data collector, ie I drive up turn on my phone, connect to the gadget and retrieve the data via a web server interface on the gadget (complete with security of course). In short, can I open an ad hoc connection to a WiFi RS21 Module?


Of course! :wink: But wait for the new SDK