FEZ Spider Vs Nano Main Board


Reading the Pete Brown’s article on Gadgeteer, I noticed 3 links for gadgeteers resources.

I reached the second one (sytech design) and found the Nano Main Board.

200 Mhz Arm9 for 110 US Dollars (I converted the price from pound to dollars)…

Well, what could say GHI about the fact that the Spider and this product are at the same price with a “huge” difference in process speed ?

I know GHI support, documentation and answers to email faster than almost anywhere in the world, but, what is the answer of GHI against a competitor which seems to be “well positioned” in terms of price…


Nicolas, From Toulouse, France

IMHO processor speed alone is not a good indicator of overall performance. You’ll also notice that the ‘faster’ board has less RAM. It would be interesting, but almost impossible, to do a benchmark test. Direct comparison is very tricky for several reasons.


I agree with you… I can’t stick to process speed comparison to define who’s the winner…

I was “quite” surprised that with “processor” difference, meaning price difference, the GHI is not a lot cheaper than the Sytech One…

And even if speed is not always revelant, I guess that new buyers could hesitate between the two boards because, when the price is the same, sometime, you just choose the “seems to be” fastest one.

No ?

Faster processor means faster computation if huge amount of data has to be treated ?

I agree that for “electronic” switch, led blinking, or stuff like this, It won’t be “important”, but if I want to treat pictures… that might make the difference ?


I will let the community talk about this but I can tell you this, there are many who bought a non-GHI board for some reasons and then they came back and bought a panda. Or if they had both they kept using their panda not the “other” board :slight_smile:

I do have many reasons on why FEZ is a lot better that any NETMF offer on the market but I work for GHI and I am biased, right? :slight_smile:

Never trust the sales guy! :naughty: Ha!

Well gus, I know many turned back to GHI after tried other board.

I was just guessing why two boards with the same price have such processor differences…and most of all, if it is really “justified” :slight_smile:

Right now, I won’t switch to gadgeteer because regarding a Panda II, the difference is to “small” for my concern… and there are “too” few block to really go further with gadgeteers…

But, I guess GHI could make a gadgeteer board with its EMX 200MHz… If so, I would clap my hand and be sure that more people will reach the NETMF world :slight_smile:

I guess you are not reading my other posts :slight_smile: … just stay tuned for some huge announcements :slight_smile:

I read gus, I read…

Just can’t wait to have good news :slight_smile:

One of the major specs to compare .NET Gadgeteer mainboards is the socket types the mainboard supports.

Another important note that I’ve just noticed:

Nano board + Ethernet SD module = 113 + 40 = about $153
FEZ Spider + Ethernet J11D module + SD module = 120 + 15 +7 = about $142