FEZ Spider Update Fail


I install 4.2 SDK then update the firmware for Spider main board.
But computer crashes during the update, then I can no longer connect to the main board.

Has any way to recover it?

Did you move switches to the right position?


I move the switch for loader (1,2,3 on, 4 off).
but the FEZSpider firmware updater can not connect to it.

I move the switch for default (1,2,3,4 off).
visual studio 2010 can not connect and download.

Hi Seikou, welcome to the forum if I haven’t said that before.

Please can you tell us or capture screen shots of what Device Manager shows when you’re in both loader mode and in run mode? That will help us tell you what stage the update process is in.

Hi Brett,

I capture two images.
First is capture of Device Manager. another is capture of main board.

The device list in Device Manager is same both loader mode and default mode.

The screen of spider main board show:

TinyBooter v4.2.0.0
EMX Build Date:
Feb 13 2013 13:27:28
Copyright GHI Electronics
TinyBooter GHI Version

So it’s really the same in either case? That means, I think, that the switches aren’t being set correctly (well that’s what I would check anyhow!).


You might need to see if you can get it into “real” tinybooter mode and step through the manual process

Hi Brett,

Thanks for your help.

I don’t konw why.
But after several toggle switch and reset, it appears “GHI Boot Loader Interface (COM5)”. then it can be updated.
Now I can write code and download to it.

Thank you again.

great to hear, and now get cracking on that code :slight_smile: